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When I was fresh out of college, my first manager, asked me, “What makes you special?”  I responded in my typical unfiltered fashion, “I like to talk to strangers.”  He looked at me funny for a second, until I clarified that I loved public speaking, and collaborating with new people. So at 22, that’s what he let me do.   


From the beginning of my career, the best leaders have made me feel heard.  They helped me translate what I loved to do into work that could make me successful.  We created plans for how I would get from where I was to where I wanted to be. When I decided to pursue a Masters in Social Work (licensed in NY State), because I wanted to grow my skills, my leaders supported me.  


When I moved out of technology into Leadership & Executive Development, I grew from “being a really good manager” to being an expert in coaching, feedback, the neuroscience of leading, engagement, diversity and inclusion, and influence. I believe in the value of a Growth Mindset, continuous learning, and in striving for constant evolution.


Using skills I already had in new ways  moved me into the role of trusted partner to senior business leaders.  It gained me invitations to speak at the United Nations. It secured me a volunteer position in Vietnam working with a public university to plan how to improve their e-learning ecosystem. It allows me to mentor, coach and train the next generation of leaders. Everyday, I feel lucky to be translating my knowledge to and partnering with individuals, corporate clients, non-profit organizations, and school administrations.      


Today, 22 years later, I use my wide range of skills to train people and organizations to do what I have practiced throughout my career. Whether it’s one on one coaching, facilitating groups to find common outcomes, or working with an organization to identify the behaviors they want to achieve and the plan to get there - I am encouraged by every opportunity to collaborate and make a positive impact. 

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